Endeavour Hills Community Garden

Contact: Kim

Endeavour Hills Neighbourhood Centre
11 Hellyer Way
Endeavour Hills, 3802, VIC

Welcome to the Endeavour Hills Neighbourhood Centre Community Garden.

This busy community garden is full of community care and spirit and is located at 11 Hellyer Way in Endeavour Hills. The garden welcomes members and community residents to come and tend the garden and share tips and gardening knowledge in a fun environment.

The garden has a dedicated Gardening Group that meet every Tuesday between 9.30 – 11.30 am to garden and enjoy a chat, a recharge and a laugh. Don’t forget to bring your gardening gloves along!

Both individual plots and communal gardening are available. Communal gardening is encouraged for members new to gardening and growing produce, however individual plots are available to members who enrol with the gardening group. The community garden is also home to a new Food from Home community seed library!

The Neighbourhood Centre also hosts a variety of workshops. These gardening workshops are held monthly at the centre during day-time hours and cover topics such as ‘What to make with produce’ and ‘Grafting and Cutting’. The workshops are free of charge but do require a booking. Please contact the Centre if you are interested in a workshop or would like further information. You can also follow the community garden and the ‘Garden Gossips’ on Facebook at Endeavour Hills Neighbourhood Centre.

Meet Kim, the garden coordinator, in this Food from Home video!


Download a PDF version of the South East Melbourne Community Garden Directory here!

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