Hallam Community Garden

Contact: Katrina/Tracy

Hallam Community Learning Centre
56 Kays Avenue
Hallam Victoria 3803, Australia

Welcome to the Hallam Community Learning Centre Garden.

This community garden is located at 56 Kays Ave in Hallam. With the closure during COVID restrictions in 2020, the Learning Centre is now looking for volunteers keen to start up a Garden Group.

If you’re a local in Hallam and have some free time, this could be a fantastic opportunity to get together with some friends and try your hand at growing some veggies or tending a flower patch.

If you would like information about the Hallam Community Centre Community Garden, please call Ingrid on (03) 9703 1688 or email the centre at admin@hallamclc.com.au for further details.


Download a PDF version of the South East Melbourne Community Garden Directory here!

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