Top tips for success with your Woolworths Discovery Garden.

With the second round of Woolworths ‘Discovery Garden’ promotion well underway, Food from Home thought it timely to provide some additional information to make the most of your free seeds. While we think it’s great that Woolies is providing us more opportunities to grow food (particularly as a substitute to a collection of plastic figurines),Continue reading “Top tips for success with your Woolworths Discovery Garden.”

More than just food: How edible gardening benefits our environment.

People decide to garden for a variety of reasons. Many enjoy edible gardening because of the mental, physical and social health benefits it provides. What you may be unaware of, is that edible gardening can also positively impact the environment and help to mitigate the impact of climate change. Here are some reasons how edibleContinue reading “More than just food: How edible gardening benefits our environment.”

Fast food: How to get from seed to feed in less time!

Does a lack of patience hold you back from growing food at home? You’re not alone. But edible gardening doesn’t have to be time-consuming, nor do you have to wait months on end to actually harvest something (despite this process being incredibly satisfying for some)!  With the right plants and set-up, you can create aContinue reading “Fast food: How to get from seed to feed in less time!”

Bugs, bugs, bugs!

At this time of year, we have lots of bugs coming and going in the garden. It’s a great time to observe nature and experience the ebbs and flows of pest predator interactions.   It’s important we can identify the good from the bad, especially if you are new to edible gardening. The FFH team have putContinue reading “Bugs, bugs, bugs!”