Winter vegetables in Australia and how to enjoy them

It is winter already! It is the time of the year when we witness how the days get shorter and the temperatures gets colder. Not only that, but we notice the variety of fresh vegetables that appear in this cold season. The winter season is perfect for growing certain types of nutrient-rich vegetables because theyContinue reading “Winter vegetables in Australia and how to enjoy them”

The benefits of gardening and cooking for children 

Engaging children in gardening and cooking activities can teach them valuable lessons that can affect their nutritional habits up until adolescence. Eating well can ensure that kids can get all the nutrients they need for energy, learning and growth. It also helps reduce their chances of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other healthContinue reading “The benefits of gardening and cooking for children “

How the simple act of gardening can change your life

There are so many benefits of growing your own food at home, many of which you may not initially think of. The Australian Dietary Guidelines tell us that we need approximately two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables every day – that is a lot of produce, and the costs certainly add up.Continue reading “How the simple act of gardening can change your life”

Community Gardening: Good for people & the planet

As restrictions ease and many of us seek out ways to connect with our communities again, community gardens offer an inclusive and free/low-cost opportunity to grow food and friendships! Community gardening not only provides a range of mental, physical, and social health benefits – but also positively impacts the environment. Here are five reasons toContinue reading “Community Gardening: Good for people & the planet”

Plant Power: Health benefits of fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables come in a variety of colours and are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that boost the immune system and reduce the risk of numerous chronic health conditions. They are also an excellent source of dietary fibre, which can help to reduce cholesterol, promote regular bowel function, and improve gut health.Continue reading “Plant Power: Health benefits of fruit and vegetables”

Introduction to Composting

The team at Cockatoo Community House and The Hills Community Garden have kindly provided us an introduction to composting. What do I need?All you need is organic matter and space in a garden or even just a container and if none of the above are possible find out what your local council or community has on offer. SomeContinue reading “Introduction to Composting”

Gardening and Greenery in the Workplace: A Worker’s Retreat

The benefits of growing and harvesting your own food does not have to only happen at home or at your community garden. Have you thought about growing food at work? Workplace vegetable gardens is increasing in popularity and builds upon an increasing trend of vertical and rooftop gardens, at-home growing and community gardening. There areContinue reading “Gardening and Greenery in the Workplace: A Worker’s Retreat”

Fall in love with edible gardening this Autumn: Our beginner guide!

If you have only been growing food for a short while, or still just thinking about edible gardening, Autumn is a great time as any to get into the garden and begin growing your next season of produce. With more frequent rains and less intensive garden management, Winter veggies require less care and attention than yourContinue reading “Fall in love with edible gardening this Autumn: Our beginner guide!”

Top tips for success with your Woolworths Discovery Garden.

With the second round of Woolworths ‘Discovery Garden’ promotion well underway, Food from Home thought it timely to provide some additional information to make the most of your free seeds. While we think it’s great that Woolies is providing us more opportunities to grow food (particularly as a substitute to a collection of plastic figurines),Continue reading “Top tips for success with your Woolworths Discovery Garden.”

Feel-good gardening: How edible gardening can benefit your mental health.

If you think that edible gardening is all about the delicious end-product, think again! Research shows us that it can also be great for our mental health, in many different ways. Natalie from the FFH team looks at some of the ways that we can benefit mentally from edible gardening. I spent much of lastContinue reading “Feel-good gardening: How edible gardening can benefit your mental health.”